Website & eCommerce Module

Corenio's website module is a great way to display your products online and accept orders. In addition, the e-commerce module is designed to help you manage and optimize your online store, promote products and services, view analytics, and more.

Whether your business has multiple websites for your B2B clients and B2C clients, Corenio's website and e-commerce module will help you manage both effortlessly. Our slick templates make sure your business stands out from the rest and is SEO optimized perfectly for your organic growth.

is your company having the following issues?

Your website is slow, and your loading takes ages before the right webpage appears. Unfortunately, your customers won't wait for slow websites.
Poor SEO optimization options
You want to optimize your website or pages but don't have the right tools in your current CMS. Were to start your SEO optimizations?
Poor customer experience due to dated design or interface
Your website looks outdated and needs a modern look, but you don't have the tools or technical knowledge to do it yourself.

These features in the Corenio website and e-commerce module help you build the best website ever!

Responsive and Adaptive design
We have the latest web technologies and design principles to make sure your website looks amazing and functions optimally, no matter what device your customer is using.
Manage content & layout
Corenio allows you to manage content and layout with ease. You can create new pages using our drag & and drop page builder, edit images, and more.
Custom design
Corenio's website builder allows you to customize the design of your website and create a unique look for your business. Or let our design team create a Custom design for your business that stands out.
Navigation and Search
With our Elastic Search integration and other third-party search and navigation software, we make searching a top-notch experience for your customers and employees!
SEO Tools

We keep up with the latest SEO trends, and our CMS has built-in optimization features to help you make sure your website is SEO-friendly.

Multichannel with webshop, multishop, languages and currencies

Corenio supports different languages and currencies and enables your business to have multiple stores. You can easily set up multiple stores or webshops for different countries with different tax codes and currencies.

Upsell and cross selling webshop

Corenio enables you to upsell and cross-sell offers in your webshops with custom rules and promotions. Let customers have the best possible user experience while increasing sales.

B2B and B2C shop functionalities

Corenio can be used for both B2B and B2C shops. It supports different payment options, login functions, shipping methods, and account management features that make it easy to manage customers and orders.

My account / customer portal

Corenio provides an easy-to-use customer portal that allows customers to manage their accounts, view past orders and invoices, and update their details.

Hotspot Overlay

Corenio allows you to create a hotspot overlay for your shop, so customers can interact with products and get more information about them. For example, put some ambiance photos and let your customers click on the showcased products in a picture.

Multiple webshops

The multiple webshop feature in Corenio enables businesses to create and manage multiple webshops for different countries or target audiences. This allows businesses to tailor their product offerings, pricing, and language to specific markets, increasing customer reach and maximizing sales potential.