What is Corenio

Corenio helps small and medium-sized enterprises automate and simplify their day-to-day operations. The easy-to-use business software consolidates all orders, inventory, payments, and shipping processes centrally in one place, creating more time, higher sales, and more vital customer satisfaction.

Corenio offers flexible features and extensible interfaces to all popular tech tools, allowing SMEs to evolve day by day sustainably. Our customers have already processed over 1 million orders through the Corenio platform, with a corresponding sales volume of almost 120 million euros.

Our Story

When we couldn't find a suitable ERP system for our car parts and furniture business, Our founders decided to take matters into their own hands. We programmed our enterprise resource planning solution based on the latest technologies. It was essential for us that we could quickly expand the system if needed. That is still the basis of Corenio to this day.

The software was initially intended for personal use only. But as our customers started asking about it, We started adapting the version according to their needs. Soon enough, the software demand outgrew the other businesses' market. So in 2022, our founders decided to start Corenio to focus on ERP software. Today, Corenio is a multimillion-dollar company backed by Cohen Ventures and KOIN GmbH.

Corenio has developed solutions for real problems that businesses have to experience often. We share the issues of finding the right software or solutions for frequent problems in most trading companies.

Our Management

Founder & CEO
Founder & CTO


Working at Corenio

Well equipped for the mission
To ensure you can be on our journey with full power, we will equip you with the proper hardware and related equipment and use modern tools like Slack, GitHub, HubSpot, and Asana. Are you missing something? No problem - Corenio is always open to new suggestions!
Our top secret fuel
There are no passengers on spaceship Corenio– we are all crew. Even though we are physically separated, we enjoy our time together on projects, coffee dates, or virtual company parties. We were relaxed and laid-back yet focused and highly motivated. At Corenio, a healthy start-up culture is alive and well.
Our astronauts don't stop learning
We love to challenge the status quo, which goes for ourselves. That's why we offer you the opportunity to develop yourself further, whether on professional or interdisciplinary topics such as feedback training, communication, or work organization. If you have specific training in mind, let us know.
Our coding universe
While for most people, the universe consists of galaxies, stars, and asteroids; our universe consists of PHP, AWS, Elastic Search, Symfony, Kubernetes, Docker, and ArgoCD – to name a few.