Logistics - WMS Module

Corenio's logistics module provides a comprehensive solution for managing warehousing, inventory, and order fulfillment. With Corenio, you can keep track of all your stock items in real time from any location! You'll also be able to manage multiple warehouses and automate their processes easily. In addition, the logistics module helps ensure that your orders are shipped on time and accurately, which means better customer satisfaction.

Corenio also offers a logistic dashboard to keep track of your incoming and outgoing shipments and get real-time updates about their status. This way, you'll never miss a delivery again! In addition, with Corenio's logistics module, you'll be able to manage your warehousing and shipping operations more efficiently, so you can focus on what matters: delivering excellent service to your customers. 

Do the following situations look familiar?

You cannot find the right software
Few WMS software is suitable for an e-commerce party. You are working now with multiple systems to fulfill your orders and manage your warehouse.
You cannot promise
You cannot deliver your delivery time promises to your clients because of missing the right wms system where your warehouse works smoothly and efficiently.
Unnecessary stock
The majority of your working capital is invested in your inventory. You want to grow, but your money is tied to the unnecessary stock.

Accelerate your product turnover rate with Corenio

Inventory Management
Corenio offers a comprehensive inventory management system that allows you to keep track of all your stock items in real-time from multiple warehouses and simultaneously update multiple marketplaces with inventory information.
Warehouse structure
Corenio's Warehouse structure allows you to manage and monitor multiple warehouses easily. This includes managing and creating product locations, picking and storage strategies.
Automate actions with Rules
Corenio's Warehouse Rules allow you to automate processes such as order fulfillment, stock replenishment, and more. These rules will help you optimize your warehouse operations and save you time.
Mobile WMS App
Corenio's mobile app allows your warehouse employees to pick and pack orders, create invoices, print pack lists, and push as many orders for picking and shipping.
Warehouse hardware management

Keep track of all your warehouse hardware devices, such as scales and label printers, in one central place. Corenio's Warehouse Hardware Management module allows you to manage and monitor all your hardware devices easily.

Packing and shipping

Corenio's Packing and Shipping module allows you to create packing slips, assign carriers, print shipping labels, track shipments in real-time, and much more through the APP or desktop. This helps you streamline your warehouse fulfillment process and get fewer customer complaints about delivery times.

Connections and API

Corenio integrates with multiple marketplaces, logistics providers, and suppliers to manage your inventory and see real-time lists from your suppliers.

Logistics dasboard

Corenio's logistics dashboard allows you to monitor and analyze your incoming and outgoing shipments, track deliveries in real-time, see in the dashboard which container is docking at which location, and much more.

Batch ID products

The Batch ID products feature in Corenio enables businesses to track and manage products based on unique batch identifiers. It ensures traceability, facilitates product recalls, enhances quality control, and provides valuable insights into product performance and customer feedback.

Internal deliveries

The Internal Deliveries feature in Corenio's WMS Module allows businesses to easily manage and track the movement of goods within their facilities. It improves internal logistics, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency, leading to streamlined operations and improved productivity for businesses with products.

Optimize packing, stacking and loading

The "Optimize packing, stacking, and loading" feature in Corenio's WMS module is designed to help businesses efficiently utilize space and resources in their warehouses during the packing, stacking, and loading processes.