How to sell via, Marktplaats,, and

Selling products via, Marktplaats, and can be done through Corenio’s integrated platform. First, you need to set up a seller account on each of the respective marketplaces. Once your accounts are established, you then need to connect them with your Corenio account, which will enable you to synchronize product data and manage your listings across all marketplaces. Corenio also provides an automated order management system that allows you to process orders quickly and accurately.

Sell more in the Benelux!

With Corenio, you can manage your ads / listings and orders on, Marktplaats,, and in one place. Our PIM and automated order management system ensures that your products are pushed correctly, and orders are processed quickly and accurately. So boost your sales in the Benelux now with Corenio!

Create almost perfect ads

Corenio’s Marketplaces Module gives you the ability to create optimized and eye-catching product listings for, Marktplaats, and

With our advanced features such as template creation, automatic categorization and SEO optimization, you can easily generate ads that are attractive to potential and generate more sales.

Maximize your reach in the Benelux with Corenio's Marketplaces Module!

One-click push

The Corenio Marketplaces Module allows you to easily publish your products on, Marktplaats, and with just one click.

This feature helps you save time and simplifies the publishing process across multiple channels. You can also view performance metrics in real-time to monitor how well your products are performing across all marketplaces.

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Pick and Pack

Corenio's Marketplaces Module provides an easy and efficient way to pick, pack and ship orders from, Marktplaats, and all in one place.

With features such as order tracking, automated confirmation emails and shipping label generation, you can ensure that your customers receive their orders quickly and accurately.

Try Corenio's Marketplaces Module now to make order fulfillment easier than ever!