Why you'll absolutely adore our marketplace module

The amount of choices
Sell on your favorite marketplaces with ease! Reach millions and grow your business faster than ever.
Diversify your revenues
Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Corenio lets you sell on multiple websites, APIs, and channels to diversify.
Grow your company
With Corenio's all-in-one solution, your company grows smoothly. Sales up? Logistics up! No need for extra software.

Why our marketplace module rocks!

Corenio's marketplace module is ideal for businesses aiming to expand their reach and boost sales across multiple platforms. With Corenio, you can achieve a 100% listing ranking thanks to our unique solution. Simply select your marketplace, product type, and category on eBay or Amazon, and Corenio instantly identifies any missing data needed for a perfect listing. This ensures your products stand out and perform optimally in every marketplace.

Easily create and manage online marketplaces
Corenio simplifies creating, managing, and optimizing online marketplaces to expand your reach quickly
Manage, edit, and create orders, products and content centralized
Easily customize your marketplace and manage content for specific platforms with Corenio's powerful tools.
Never sell products out of stock to a marketplace!
Corenio syncs stock levels across multiple marketplaces, preventing overselling and keeping customers happy.
Your listings will have a max ranking score!
Achieve a max listing score with Corenio, which identifies missing data for top marketplace visibility.
Automated listing optimization

Automated algorithms optimize listings, ensuring your products appear in favorable positions.

Cross-marketplace analytics

Track performance with Corenio's analytics tools to see which markets drive the most sales.

Multi-currency support

Support for multiple currencies lets you expand into new markets easily, increasing sales.

Automated pricing optimization

Automatic price adjustments based on market conditions help maximize profits while protecting margins.

Infinite marketplaces

Corenio's Infinite Marketplaces feature lets you seamlessly integrate and manage products on unlimited marketplaces worldwide.