Marketplaces Module

Corenio's marketplace module is the perfect solution for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase their sales on multiple marketplaces.
With the integrated marketplaces in Corenio, you can always have a 100% ranking because of our unique listing solution.

Select your marketplace, your product type, and the category where you want to list on eBay or Amazon, and Corenio tells you directly which data is missing for a 100% listing ranking. 

Why you would love our marketplace module

The amount of choices
We make it easy for you to sell your products in marketplaces of choice with millions of potential buyers. With our help, you can reach a huge audience and grow your business quickly and easily.
Diversify your revenues
Don't be dependable on one stream of revenues or one marketplace or channel. Corenio lets you sell your products through different websites, third-party APIs, and market channels to diversify your revenues.
Grow your company
Because of the all-in solution of Corenio, you can grow your company overall; when your sales grow, your logistics and other processes also grow organically. As a result, you don't need to invest in new software to take the next step.

Key features of the marketplace module

Easily create and manage online marketplaces
Corenio makes it easy to create, manage, and optimize online marketplaces to expand your reach quickly. With Corenio's powerful platform, you can easily customize the look and feel of your marketplace with a few clicks and manage the right content for a specific marketplace.
Manage, edit, and create orders, products and content centralized
Receive orders from different marketplaces or websites. Push the right product or content to the right market with different margins and other automated exception rules to have the correct listing for the right market.
Never sell products out of stock to a marketplace!
Corenio automatically syncs stock levels and inventory across multiple marketplaces; this ensures that you never run out of products in any marketplace. This also ensures that you never oversell and disappoint customers. With Corenio, selling on multiple marketplaces is easy and efficient, so you can start selling now!
Your listings will have a 100% ranking score!
Corenio's unique listing solution gives you a 100% ranking score on all marketplaces. Select the marketplace and product type, and Corenio will tell you what data is missing for a 100% listing ranking. This ensures that your products are constantly visible on the marketplace!
Automated listing optimization

Corenio will use automated algorithms to optimize listings on multiple marketplaces, so that your products always appear in the most favorable position.

Cross-marketplace analytics

Use Corenio's analytics tools to track your performance across multiple markets and see which are driving the most sales.

Multi-currency support

Corenio supports transactions in multiple currencies, giving you the ability to easily expand into new markets and increase sales.

Automated pricing optimization

Corenio automatically adjusts prices based on market conditions to ensure that your products are always competitively priced. This helps maximize profits while protecting your margins.

Infinite marketplaces

The Infinite marketplaces feature in Corenio allows businesses to seamlessly integrate and manage their products across various online marketplaces. It expands the reach of products, increases visibility, and enables businesses to tap into new customer bases and sales opportunities.