Shipping Module

Corenio Shipping Module allows you to manage your shipments and deliveries. Choose between over 70 carriers Europe-wide and receive the best shipping rates through Corenio. Connect your contract number through Corenio, and we will join the carriers you prefer in real-time. This module will provide real-time insights into which carrier is the best option for which order or customer. Manage all your shipping costs in one centralized software and change and update it in real-time.

Let Corenio calculate shipping costs according to volumes and postal codes or generate your route routes for your in-house deliveries to customers. Generating labels through third parties is a thing of the past with Corenio!

Do these challenges look familiar?

Tangled contracts
You have multiple contracts with different conditions, but they are archived in an agreement and not implemented as a shipping rule.
Third party software

You are using third-party software and paying extra fees to create labels and invoices.

Your team is manually entering all shipping rates,, and calculating the most economical option takes a while.

Reactive customer service responce
You manually enter data, which takes a long time to enter and respond to customer requests. In addition, not all your track and trace codes are updated on time, so your customers will call and complain.

Our shipping module features

Choose a carrier of choice
Corenio offers over 70 carriers with the best shipping rates in Europe. Connect your contract number through Corenio, and we will join the airlines you prefer in real-time. Never pay extra for a new carrier integration.
Automated shipping rules
Create automated shipping rules for all your contracts to set the correct costs and conditions without manual effort. Let Corenio select the best carrier with the best price for the correct order.
Export documents
Are you selling your products outside the EU or to the United Kingdom? No worries, Corenio produces the proper customs documents according to the carrier specifications regulations. 
Custom track and trace template
Send the tracking codes to your customers with a custom-made track and trace email template. Then, automatically send customer emails at specified times and ensure all customers receive their tracking info on time, so if your carrier doesn't have a TT system, Corenio steps in.

FAQ Shipping Module