Is your sales department living this sitcom reality?

Lack of communications

Without integrated payments, employees keep pestering finance to confirm processed orders.

Not using an integrated POS system

Using an external POS not linked to bookkeeping or warehouse adds chaos during peak sales.

CRM not updated
Lacking CRM updates, your team misses chances to optimize client interactions.

Watch your sales skyrocket!

Corenio's sales/order module is your all-in-one solution for managing orders from any channel. Easily accept, process, quote, and ship orders more efficiently with our automated system that handles the entire order cycle, from creation to timely shipping. View customer profiles and order details effortlessly to keep track of sales. Our integrated, secure payment system simplifies transactions, whether issuing proforma invoices or processing down payments. Corenio makes it all possible. Boost your business today!

Dynamic filtering
View accurate order and client info, order status, and more with dynamic filters to tackle bottlenecks.
Automated sales rules
Set up automated sales rules based on client info and order status for faster processing and better customer communication.
B2B and B2C orders
Manage B2B and B2C orders in one place, with automated rules to prioritize key orders.
All-in sollution
Integrate POS and invoicing into one system. Centralize all invoices from different channels with Corenio.
Importing and exporting

Import large orders via CSV, update, and export them easily.

Dynamic pricing

Maximize margins with dynamic pricing, discount codes, and proper margins.

Datadriven CRM

Use Corenio's CRM to collect order and invoice data, enhancing customer experiences with tailored functions.

Sales Agent Management System (SAMS)

Keep sales teams accountable, assign customers, and boost sales with proper bonus compensation.

Product and Order Tags

Use Product and Order Tags to mark items and orders, making them easily searchable and notifying colleagues.