Sales & Order Module

Corenio's sales/order module is a comprehensive solution to manage orders from any channel. With Corenio, you can easily accept, process, quote, and ship orders more efficiently. The automated order processing system takes care of the entire order cycle, from creating and managing orders to shipping them on time. Corenio also provides a way to view customer profiles and order details, so you can easily keep track of sales and orders.

Corenio's sales/order module also includes an integrated payment system that is secure and convenient.

Whether your customer needs a proforma invoice or you want to process your down payment automatically in the orders. It's all possible in Corenio.

Your current situation

Lack of communications

Because many companies haven't integrated their payments or bank accounts, most sales and other employees have to ask the finance department if a payment is processed in the order.

Not using an integrated POS system

Using an external POS system not connected to your bookkeeping or warehouse brings a lot of extra handling to your business during peak sales.

CRM not updated
Your business has multiple contact moments with your clients. Still, because there is a lack of possibilities for your employees to update small information in CRM, your CRM is not used at maximum potential.

Let your sales grow!

Dynamic filtering
See the correct information regarding orders, client information, order status, and more. Our dynamic filtering allows you to focus on multiple possible bottlenecks and react proactively.
Automated sales rules
Set up automated sales rules depending on client information, order status, or multiple factors. With these automated rules you can process faster orders, and inform your customers much better.
B2B and B2C orders
Process your B2B and B2C orders seamlessly in one centralized overview with automated order rules to process some orders with priority depending on the specific rules set up.
All-in sollution
Your POS and invoicing are all integrated into one software. Using multiple sales and ordering software is a thing of the past. All your invoices from various channels, websites, and POS systems from different locations are centralized and processed in Corenio!
Importing and exporting

Import your large orders directly through CSV or any other format in your order change or update it in Corenio or export it and add more information for the perfect order.

Dynamic pricing

Maximize your margins with Corenios dynamic pricing in your orders. Select the correct discount codes or instantly set up the right margin for the right products. Be on top of your prices!

Datadriven CRM

Corenio's CRM is not only used for client information but also to collect data from your orders and invoices. With this data you can build a better customer experience with tailored functionalities depending on the clients behavior!

Sales Agent Management System (SAMS)

This feature lets you keep your sales and agents team accountable and on track. You can assign customers to agents or sales teams and see customer information. Grow your sales and give your sales and agents the proper bonus compensation.