Corenio also offers an API integration with TecDoc, a leading supplier of automotive parts catalogs and technical information. This integration allows users to access the TecDoc database and receive real-time updates on product availability, pricing, and more. With the Corenio API integration with TecDoc, users can easily integrate carparts in Corenio and use all the Corenio modules to operate your business much better.

The integration also provides helpful information on product specifications, installation instructions, and applicable. Leveraging the TecDoc database, users can enhance their online ordering process and save time by eliminating manual data entry. The Corenio API integration with TecDoc is available in multiple languages and makes it easy for users to find the parts they need quickly and efficiently.

Operating without TECDOC

Which part fits my car?
Your customers are calling you the whole day to puzzle which carparts fits there car, and its consuming al your backoffice work.
No product structure

Your categories and products are not structured, and customers cannot find the correct product data that concerns them.

You cannot grow
Because you don't have the correct data, your website, and your customers are consuming all your human resources to match a part you cannot grow!

This is why you should have TECODOC connection with Corenio

Sell car parts with the right data
Corenio’s TECDOC connection helps you to deliver the correct product data so customers can make a well-informed decision while ordering. No more manual searches. With the TECDOC connection, you can spend less time searching for car parts and more time optimizing your business process.
Have the best webshop for car parts
Thanks to the TECDOC connection with Corenio, you can have an up-to-date webshop for car parts that are easy to find and search. Customers can find what they're looking for quickly, enabling you to make more sales and save time.
B2B, B2C or B2D
Whether you're selling your car parts to B2B, B2C, or B2D, Corenio facilitates all your customers' needs. For every customer group, set up orders or business rules tailored to your customers needs.
Integrate as many sales channels as you want with Corenio and use the TECDOC connection to deliver consistent product data across all channels. For example, create a separate website for your OE parts, OEM parts, or different websites for various brands. It's all possible in Corenio.