Streamline Your Business with Corenio GS1 EAN Registration API!

Are you a seller on, Amazon, eBay, or any other bustling e-commerce platform? Are you exhausted from the tedious, time-consuming task of managing GS1 EAN numbers and wrangling product information manually? Look no further!

Corenio's cutting-edge API integration delivers a game-changing solution for your product management needs. We empower you to effortlessly register GS1 EAN numbers while ensuring they are perfectly aligned with accurate product information through our robust Product Information Management (PIM) system. Here's why subscribing to Corenio is the smart choice:

Corenio GS1 API

Seamless Automation
Corenio's GS1 EAN registration function automates the entire process, reducing the burden of manual data entry. This means you can register your products quickly and accurately, saving time and resources that can be redirected toward growing your business.
Error-Free Compliance
Corenio ensures your product information is consistently accurate and compliant with GS1 standards. Say goodbye to data discrepancies, errors, and the risk of non-compliance. Your listings will meet the stringent requirements of e-commerce platforms, enhancing your trustworthiness and visibility.
Competitive Advantage
By using Corenio's function, you gain a competitive edge. Your products will stand out in the marketplace for their reliability and precision. This advantage can lead to increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and a stronger market presence compared to competitors who struggle with manual processes.

Core functions

Automated Data Registration and Standardization GS1
Corenio's GS1 function not only automates the registration of GS1 EAN numbers but also ensures data standardization. This powerful combination simplifies the process by eliminating manual data entry, saving time and resources and standardized structure for your product information.
Real-Time Data Synchronization
The function enables real-time synchronization of product information with the GS1 datapool, guaranteeing data accuracy and consistency.
Global Marketplace Export with Ownership Verification
Corenio's function exports your product information to the right marketplaces worldwide and verifies your ownership of the data, enhancing trust with customers and e-commerce platforms.
EAN Batch Allocation
As an added feature, Corenio offers an easy-to-use EAN batch allocation system. This feature assigns a free and available GS1 EAN to every new product from the purchased EAN batches, simplifying the process of managing and allocating unique identifiers for your products.

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