Lost customer notes, and systems that don't play nice. Sound like your daily circus?

Reactive respons

Your business reacts to customer issues instead of preventing them. Always chasing problems, never controlling them.

Lost in translation
Order info isn't reaching the right person on time. Important messages are getting lost in the communication shuffle.
Who is responsible for what?

Who handles what? Customer service and employees are clueless about responsibilities, causing chaos and confusion.

Bells and Whistles of the Communications Module

The communications module streamlines operations by automating processes. It automatically sends emails to customers and employees, updates them on new products or sales, and tracks customer interactions. By automating these tasks, businesses save time, money, and resources, while staying organized and efficient. Stay on top of your game with hassle-free communication management.

Receiving response from various platforms

Corenio's Communications Module offers email, IM, VOIP, conference calling, file sharing, and third-party app integration.

Internal communications

Instantly message warehouse colleagues or sales teams about priority orders. Share and archive order-related content.

Connect your VOIP information with Corenio

Connect your VOIP info easily to Corenio, integrating with RingCentral and FreePBX. Auto-open customer CRM pages for calls.

Automated emails
Automate emails with Corenio, sending personalized messages and responses to boost customer engagement and efficiency.
Task management and agenda
Manage tasks and agendas with Corenio. Create to-dos, assign tasks, set deadlines, and share agendas on a customizable dashboard.
Communications Dashboard
Use Corenio's dashboard to manage tickets, tasks, and requests. Keep track of customer inquiries, meetings, and deadlines easily.