Communications Module

The communications module helps businesses streamline operations by automating processes. For example, automatically send out emails to customers and employees, keep them updated with new products or sales, and even track customer interactions. Businesses can save time, money, and resources by automating communication tasks and staying organized and efficient.

Do these situations look familiar?

Reactive respons

Your business is reactive in customer communication instead of proactive. Your organization is always running behind the situation instead of controlling the problems.

Lost in translation
Customer or important order information is not forwarded from various communication channels to the right customer or employee, or organization on time.
Who is responsible for what?

Which department is responsible for which problem? For example, customer service or employees don't know what to do with a situation or who is responsible for answering a question.

Features in the communications module

Receiving response from various platforms

Corenio Communications Module is a powerful feature that provides efficient communication and collaboration features, such as email, IM, and VOIP capabilities, conference calling with audio and video options, file sharing, and integration with third-party applications.

Internal communications

Send your warehouse colleagues or an outside sales team an instant message on their phone or handheld computer about an order that needs attention or priority. Send, achieve, and produce content about orders, products, or customer notes for internal uses.

Connect your VOIP information with Corenio

Corenio Communications Module allows you to connect your VOIP information to Corenio easily. It provides seamless integration with popular VOIP systems such as RingCentral and FreePBX, making set-up easy and efficient. With Corenio, you can make calls and send instant messages. When a customer calls Corenio opens automatically customers CRM page.

Automated emails
Corenio Communications Module offers an automated email system that allows you to easily send personalized emails to customers or contacts. You can set up personalized messages, customize the look and feel of emails, and even specify automated responses based on certain criteria. This can greatly improve customer engagement and increase efficiency in your organization.
Task management and agenda
Corenio Communications Module also provides a powerful task management and agenda system. You can create to-dos, assign tasks to other users, set deadlines, and track progress. You can also easily share agendas with colleagues or customers, ensuring that everyone is updated on upcoming events and tasks. The customizable dashboard helps you keep an eye on all your tasks in one place.
Communications Dashboard
Corenio Communications Module provides a powerful dashboard for managing all your incoming tickets, tasks, and requests. It serves as a central hub for staying on top of customer inquiries, important meetings, and upcoming deadlines. With an intuitive design, you can easily keep track of all your conversations in one place.