Are you knee-deep in a purchasing pickle too?

Did you make an purchase order?
Most small businesses lack purchase software—so who handled the last 1000 purchase orders, your dog?
Where are my bought products!
Where are my purchased items? Seriously, where are my purchased items?!
Bad cashflow
Why did we buy these dust collectors that haven't sold in a year? Your idle stock is gobbling up your cash flow!

How Corenio can turn your purchasing chaos into organized bliss

Corenio's integrated Purchase Module streamlines vendor and purchase order management. Create purchase orders, view order history, and manage vendor information effortlessly. Track order status, receive goods, and handle supplier invoices for simplified accounting. Assign product codes to different vendors with ease. Leverage data-driven purchasing to buy trendy products or services at the right time, right price, and in the perfect quantity. Optimize your stock and purchase orders, ensuring you never have excess inventory!

Data-driven purchase order

Corenio optimizes purchase orders for the right products at the best prices. Choose the fastest or most affordable supplier.

Purchase order dashboard
Instantly track incoming products, shipment methods, and deliveries to all warehouses. Take control of your purchases.
Supplier portal

Invite suppliers to the Corenio portal for quick, easy procurement. They can receive, acknowledge, and confirm orders digitally.

ETA follow up
Get real-time updates on orders and shipments with Corenio ETA follow-up. Keep you and your customers informed on deliveries.
Article nr EAN stickers

Skip manual labeling. Include article numbers and EAN codes in orders. Receive pre-printed stickers with your goods.

Internal purchase orders

Create internal purchase orders for different warehouses or stores, all fulfilled through the central warehouse.

Load planning

Corenio's load planning optimizes logistics, maximizes space, reduces costs, and streamlines the supply chain.

Cross-border purchases

Facilitate international transactions with Corenio's cross-border feature. Handle currency conversions and expand globally.

Purchase suggestions

Corenio's purchase suggestions use algorithms to provide smart buying tips, enhancing procurement and inventory management.

Purchase documentation

Corenio automates purchase-related documents, saving time, ensuring accuracy, and improving the procurement process.