Purchase Module

Corenio is an integrated Purchase Module that helps you manage vendor and purchase orders. With this module, you can create purchase orders, view the history of past orders, and contain vendor information.You can also track purchase order status, receive goods and manage supplier invoices for easy accounting. The purchase module allows you to create and assign product codes to different vendors.

Data-driven purchase is the backbone of the Corenio Purchase Module. Buy the latest trendy products or services at the right time for the right price and at the perfect quantity to sell. Our goal is to optimize your stock or purchase orders so that you will never have more unnecessary stock than needed!

Is this your current problem regarding purchasing?

Did you make an purchase order?
Most small-medium enterprises don't have purchase software, so who made a purchase order for the last 1000 orders?
Where are my bought products!
Not having a clue when your bought products will arrive or needs to be imported for customs to update your orders.
Bad cashflow
Why did we buy these products that are now shelved for over a year and not sold once? Your unnecessary stock is eating your cash flow.

How Corenio can optimize your purchasing

Data-driven purchase order
Corenio ensures that your purchase orders are optimized for the right products and services at the correct prices. So choose between the fastest supplier or the supplier with the best purchase price.
Purchase order dashboard
See in an instant your incoming products from a different supplier with different shipment methods and the planned deliveries to every internal and external warehouse. So grab the grip on all your purchases.
Supplier portal
Invite your suppliers to the Corenio supplier portal. So you can fill out all procurement processes more quickly and easier with a few clicks of the mouse. They can easily receive, acknowledge and confirm purchase orders from the portal digitally.
ETA follow up
Receive real-time updates on purchase orders and shipments via Corenio ETA follow-up. So you and your customers can be alerted when a product is delivered. All the order details and CRM information will be updated.
Article nr EAN stickers

No more manual labeling of your products. Include article numbers and EAN codes in the purchase order for your suppliers. Receive pre-printed article nr (EAN) stickers with your purchased goods.

Internal purchase orders

Create and assign internal organization purchase orders for different warehouses or stores that must be fulfilled through the central warehouse.

Load planning

The load planning feature in Corenio's purchase module helps businesses optimize their logistics by efficiently planning the loading of products onto trucks or containers. It maximizes space utilization, reduces transportation costs, and streamlines the overall supply chain process.

Cross-border purchases

The cross-border feature in Corenio's purchase module facilitates international transactions by supporting different currencies. It simplifies cross-border purchasing, enables businesses to handle currency conversions seamlessly, and expands opportunities for global trade and growth.

Purchase suggestions

The purchase suggestions feature in Corenio's purchase module uses advanced algorithms to provide intelligent suggestions for product purchases. It helps businesses make informed buying decisions, reduces manual effort, improves procurement efficiency, and optimizes inventory management for better cost control and customer satisfaction.

Purchase documentation

The documentation feature in Corenio's purchase module streamlines and automates the generation of purchase-related documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping labels. It ensures accuracy, saves time, and enhances the overall procurement process for businesses managing multiple products and suppliers. It simplifies record-keeping, improves documentation traceability, and facilitates efficient communication with vendors, resulting in better transparency and compliance in procurement operations.