Manage your orders, inventory, payments, and shipping in one place

Run your entire business through one powerful business software. Create and edit products, and activate them on multiple marketplaces. Receive your orders in Corenio, and synchronize all your warehouse stocks to multiple marketplaces or any other third party. And much more!

Grow and successfully scale your business

Do you want to sell more products and enter new markets to grow your business? Then you need Corenio to get your products onto Bol, Marketplace, Amazon, Ebay or any other of the 100 channels with a single click. Corenio helps you manage and efficiently use all logistics, purchasing, sales and other processes.

Save time
Corenio provides you with the functionalities to save time and complete tasks in your company quickly and efficiently. We integrate your company in Corenio within 1 to 4 weeks!

Save Money
Reduce costly inefficiencies in third-party processes and software. With Corenio, you can allocate savings to the right resources and human capital to maximize scale.

Grow your business
Whether you want to grow your online presence, generate more revenue, or make your operations more efficient, Corenio gives you the tools to achieve your goals.

Our customers

Core modules

Looking for an all-in business software that can seamlessly manage your SME operations? Look no further than Corenio, a powerful cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With features like order management, product editing, marketplace synchronization, EDI connections, and more, Corenio makes it easy to stay on top of every aspect of your business. Whether you need help managing inventory or automating communications processes, Corenio has everything you need to streamline your SME operations. So why wait? Try Corenio today and start experiencing the power of efficient business management!

Communications Module
Send automated e-mails, SMS notifications, internal messages to handhelds, and newsletters to inform customers about new products, promotions, or events.

Marketplaces Module
Start selling your products on eBay,, Amazon and many other marketplaces with our integrated marketplace module for all major marketplaces.

Order Management (OMS)
Manage all your sales in one place for efficient order processing from different channels, EDI's and POS systems. Automate the entire process from orders received to delivery.

Logistics - WMS Module
The WMS module makes it easy to stay on top of all your warehouse needs. Corenio gives you full control over all your logistics operations with all your packing, organization, and automated stock updates.

Webshop software

With Corenio's eCommerce module, you can easily manage all your product information, prices and promotions across multiple websites. Fully integrated with your back office and a webshop tailored to your business.

Shipping Module
Corenio's shipping module makes it easy to manage your inbound and outbound shipments, track orders, create invoices, print labels and more. Automate the whole process with an EDI connection to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Purchase Module
Purchasing management in Corenio is a powerful tool for driving and optimising your purchase orders. Make data-driven choices and avoid excess stock, improve your cash flow and grow your business even faster!

PIM Module
Pim module in Corenio is a powerful and indispensable tool for managing product information. The Pim module allows you to manage all your product data, images and videos in one place.