PIM Module

The Corenio PIM Module bridges the gap between your webshop, product catalog, and marketplaces, allowing you to create a reliable data source for quickly managing product information. The PIM module will enable you to assign categories, product types, attributes, and images to products or configurations. In addition, the complete content, such as titles, descriptions, and other fields, is translated into every language and sellable in different metrics per piece, m2, kg, or another metric of choice.

You can also specify the desired pricing and availability for each product. In addition, the PIM module helps you create an error-free product database that is easily updatable and allows you to have a consistent product catalog across multiple channels.

What is my business missing out without PIM

Where to change product data?
Without the Corenio PIM Module, you are missing out on a centralized product database that is easily updatable and allows for consistent product catalogs across multiple channels.
Your product data is now one big mess and lacks the standardization of the content. For example, one employee puts the attribute 'color' in every product, and another forgets...
Its PIM not rocket science!
Without the Corenio PIM Module, you are missing out on an easy-to-use system that simplifies the process of managing products. You can assign categories, product types, and attributes to products or configurations with a few clicks.

This is why you will love our PIM module!

Content standardization
Quickly generate the correct title and description for every product or service and other data. Corenio recommends data that needs to be filled according to business needs rules that are set up.
Advanced pricing tool
Create different pricing for various products so customers have the best experience. Corenio allows you to specify desired prices per product type or customize a range for a specific customer group.
Primary data and transport data
Every product will have primary data and transport data such as sizes, weights, volumes, and other data to fulfill an order with essential data for shipping. HS codes and country of origin fields allow you to generate commercial invoices and other export documents.
Give every product or service the correct information or linked properties that describe the content of a product or service correctly. With the properties function of Corenio, you give the valid attribute to the right product or service.
Product Configuration

Configure complex products or services with Corenio's easy-to-use configuration tool. This will make it easier for customers to pick or configure the right product or service with simple steps customized for every customer.

Sales channel properties

Bring your products to the right market by customizing product data for each sales channel. Corenio PIM Module will allow you to assign specific properties to each product and sales channel.

Hotspot Overlay

Maximize your product presentation by adding hotspots to the product images. For example, you can assign products and information about them to specific locations in a photo so customers can learn more about the product.

Change history

Always stay up-to-date with the change history function. This will show you who changed what and when in Corenio PIM Module. This way, you can keep track of every change made to your product data.

License holder commision

License-holder commission software is an excellent tool for businesses managing and tracking their license-holder commissions. Streamline the process of tracking and managing commissions. Ensure that all license holders are paid accurately and on time. 

Costprice and purchase price

Corenio PIM Module includes a cost and purchase price feature that allows you to specify and manage the pricing and purchase information for each product. You can set desired prices, customize ranges, and track purchase costs accurately.

AI Content generation

In Corenio, AI content generation leverages advanced algorithms to automatically generate relevant and engaging content for products or services. The AI analyzes data, identifies patterns, and generates titles, descriptions, and other content elements based on predefined rules and business needs.

Products with expiration date

The Products with expiration date feature in Corenio allows businesses to track and manage products with specific expiration dates. It ensures timely inventory rotation, reduces the risk of selling expired products, and helps maintain compliance with regulations and quality standards.

Batch ID products

The Batch ID products feature in Corenio enables businesses to track and manage products based on unique batch identifiers. It ensures traceability, facilitates product recalls, enhances quality control, and provides valuable insights into product performance and customer feedback.