#Features that your business needs

Corenio is the perfect business software for streamlining all your marketing and operations needs. It offers a powerful suite of modules including Communications, Marketplace, Sales & Order, Logistics - WMS, Website & eCommerce, Shipping, and Purchase. With Corenio's integrated modules, you can easily automate emails and SMS notifications, manage product information across multiple marketplaces and websites, organize sales orders from different channels and POS systems in one place, process orders quickly with logistics - WMS module, update product information via PIM module and much more!

Why to choose Corenio as an business software?

Communications Module
Corenio's Communications Module offers automated emails, SMS & more to stay connected with customers & colleagues. Automated alerts & email functions make communication easy!

Marketplaces Module
Corenio's Marketplace Module helps you manage product info & sync with multiple marketplaces. Get real-time updates & automated order fulfillment for eBay, Amazon, Bol.com & more!

Sales and Order Module
Corenio's Sales / Order Module automates order processing, inventory management & customer alerts. Streamline your business & maximize profits with ease!

Logistics - WMS Module

Corenio's Logistics - WMS Module is here to help you manage your warehouse needs. Automate packing & inventory updates for maximum efficiency!

Website & eCommerce Module

Corenio's eCommerce Module allows you to manage product info, pricing & promotions for multiple websites! Centralized content pushes with ease.

Shipping Module

Stop wasting time managing shipments manually - automate everything with Corenio's shipping module and get the most out of your business!

Purchase Module

Get the best out of your business and optimize stock with Corenio's integrated Purchase Module. Track purchase orders, view history & manage vendors!

PIM Module

Eliminate uncertainty in product content & pricing with Corenio's PIM Module. Keep your webshop,catalog & marketplaces up-to-date!

Its all about the features

Corenio's robust suite of features ensures that our software can keep up with the growth of your business. These features enable you to focus on what truly matters: your customers. With Corenio, you can deliver the best customer experience while streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. We're here to help you succeed. Corenio has over 300 specialized features and each part's unique functions. As a result, Corenio will help your company to scale!

Comprehensive PIM
Corenio's comprehensive product information management helps generate accurate product data and keeps it up-to-date across all your sales channels. 

Automate processes such as order processing, returns management, logistics or customer communication with our robotization rules. 

Business Intelligence
Corenio's business intelligence helps you make data-driven decisions and better understand your company's performance. See any data and movement in real time.


Reach more customers by connecting your business to new sales channels. Choose your marketplace and post your product with a click-through to Bol.com, eBay, Amazon, or any 150 sales channels.

Product Data Vendors

Corenio connects your product content with leading product data providers, giving you up-to-date product information on specifications, photos, and possibly pricing. 

Customer Relationship (CRM

Relationship management software is everything you need for managing prospects, leads, partners and sales processes. Centrally accessible in a software package that is always available anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize your margins with Corenios dynamic pricing in your organization. Sell the right product to the right B2C and B2B customers with the best prices, and adjust the prices through group operations or automated rules.


Integrated POS system network to sell through multiple POS  devices in one or different locations. Track every order, reward your customer with loyalty points, or synchronize the inventory levels in realtime.

Sending invoices, quotations, proforma, or commercial invoices was never easy, as in Corenio. Set up rules for your organization; your customers receive notifications, payment links, and SMS tracking on current outstanding.

Logistic APP

The need for an inventory management app, purchasing app, and other scanning apps is great among wholesalers and retailers. Therefore, our mobile app has features that will elevate your logistics, purchase, and sales.

Every employee is a unique person with talents and capabilities. In Corenio, you can give each employee specific user rights or group rights to use the right tools to function correctly.

Group Operations

With Group Operations, you never need to export data, change it and import it again in Corenio. Through Group Operations, you can search data, change it with Group Operations and save it.